Environmental Concerns

We use ONLY detergents and cleaning agents developed and approved for your home by the carpet manufacturers and required by them so that your warranties are not voided by inappropriate chemical usage.  The only exceptions to that rule are for very specific spots, stains or spills that are not effectively remediated normally, and we will notify you of our use of other chemistry.

We have processes to protect your children, pets and yourselves from exposure to detergents by first prespraying and then removing them with clear, hot water as a rinse agent, leaving your carpet with no cleaning residue, if you so desire.

Drying your carpet and furniture after cleaning is important and we depend upon advanced equipment and use of that equipment to achieve "fast" drying.  Slow drying of furnishings actually creates problems, so it's of utmost importance to us to make sure we get your furnishings as dry as possible during cleaning, and our operators are trained specifically to acheive that goal.  Our only limitations are homes that are humid, rainy and humid weather, concrete slab floors, poor circulation, or require lots of cleaning because of heavy soiling.  If your cleaning environment has any of those conditions, please be patient as drying can take longer than environments that are dry, have great circulation, on a day with sunny weather and is not heavily soiled.  Carpet and furniture seldom remains wet for very long, but we are prepared to use dryers and other methods to accelerate drying whenever possible.

Disposal of solutions, especially when we're custom mixing a solution for spotting/cleaning your furnishings, is always through a dedicated sanitary sewer or a wooded or grassy area that does not drain into a sewer or run off into surrounding water sources or neighboring property.  We believe in protecting the environment from unnecessary chemistry, soils and bacterias.