A Scientific Method to Soil Test

First, vacuum a specific 12” x 12” area of your highest traffic pattern of carpet and the same size area on your most popular chair or sofa.

Second, take a simple coffee filter and push it into the cavity of your round vacuum brush, allowing the sides to “hang” around the outsides to prevent the vacuum from inhaling the filter.

Third, using the hand brush with this filter, thoroughly re-vacuum the floor making sure not to exceed the 12” square area you have already vacuumed. Then, carefully remove the filter with whatever residual soil is in it and place the entire filter on a counter. Repeat this step for your furniture, again, placing the filter and soil NEXT to the carpet sample. Vacuum cleaner sales people who do this know that you NEVER get all the soil out with vacuuming and that if they vacuumed the same are 10 times they’d still be getting substantive amounts of soil out of the average carpet.

(You may even dump the soil you have gathered into your hand and then manipulate it between your fingers. Feel the differences in the type of soil? See the differences?)

Radio Shack has a device called an Illuminated Microscope that enlarges the view by 30X over what is seen by the unaided eye. It is inexpensive and is great for seeing the components of soil.