NOTE - The Corcoran Sickle antique rug displayed recently auctioned for $33M.  See more about it at this link.

Area Rugs –

Two ways...your location or ours.  Some rugs take longer to clean and may need repeated services before they are complete so we bring those to our shop, as we do with rugs our customers wish to have cleaned in our shop.  However, we carry a complete equipment and solution program for cleaning area rugs, both fine wool and oriental rugs and broadloom rugs on-site, to save you money.

* On-Site with all methods for carpet cleaning
* In-Shop, as above, with accelerated drying
* Wool and Oriental Rugs….ALWAYS cleaned/protected with chemistry designed for Wool Rugs ONLY!
* Fringe Cleaning – In Shop Only

Of course we include dust mite cleaning, urine/odor counteractants, spot and stain removal, specialty dye stain removal products, gum/wax and other miscellaneous spot removal, pick up and delivery of area rugs.

As always our technicians must make the final determination of how your rugs may be serviced.