Our Service Pledge and Limited Warranty

√ We first assess the soiling level, actually determine the type of soil (leading us to the best of 30 different detergent/spotters we carry on our vehicles!) and then determine pre-existing spot/stain issues as well as the best, most effective process to use BEFORE beginning the cleaning process. (Tell us your preferences!)

√ We have more than 6 fabric cleaning methods, 2-3 leather cleaning methods and 4+ carpet cleaning methods including hot water extraction (steam), low moisture (chemical dry), low moisture extraction (chemical dry extraction), dry soil extraction (pile lifting), and bonnet (spin pad). We sometimes combine methods to meet the needs of our customers.

√ We will return at no cost to our client for any spots, spills or stains or other soil that “returns” (wicks back) after we leave the premises, provided we are notified within thirty (30) days.

√ We follow up by telephone about 30 days after the work is completed to verify that the job was to the client’s full satisfaction. If, at that time, further service is necessary we will return to the job site we, at no additional cost, will again attempt to satisfy our client.

√ We always follow manufacturers recommendations when available and when those recommendations are limiting to dry solvent cleaning we attempt to find a less expensive, more effective method that is safe.

√ Ask about our in-home AND in-shop area rug, oriental and loose carpet cleaning!
For clients who purchase a FiberGuard or EarthAware Limited Warranty


Our Written Limited Warranty

Written Limited Warranty for spots, spills and stains, we offer free on-site service for the period of the Written Limited Warranty (1-2-3-5 yrs+) per the terms of the Written Limited Warranty.

Ask us for a copy! The Limited Warranty service includes removal of the spot/stain/spill using the safest, most effective method for the fabric or carpet being serviced.

FiberGuard of Medina, (“FiberGuard”) will provide this Limited Warranty to stains or soiling (“Stains”):

Within __Yrs from the date of purchase and application (if FiberGuard Soil & Stain Repellent) on __ (fabric/carpet) treated with FiberGuard Soil and Stain Repellent OR (with no FiberGuard Soil & Stain Repellent application) on __(fabric/carpet) registered with an EarthAware Limited Warranty

-If stains are caused by products normally found in the household, such as non-dyed soda, spills from food or beverage consumption, grease or oil, non-damaging organic and non-organic spots and stains (except from causes excluded below), FiberGuard will provide, to the original purchaser, a professional cleaning of the Stained area at NO CHARGE. FiberGuard’s obligation under this Limited Warranty is limited to the cleaning of the affected area.

-This Limited Warranty is granted only to the original purchaser and is not transferable.


1. If a spill or soiling occurs, the Stained area must be cleaned immediately with cleaning products recommended by or approved by FiberGuard and/or cleaning products suggested by the fabric/carpet manufacturer.

2. If, after cleaning, the affected area a stain remains, within five (5) days of discovering the Stain, the original purchaser must report the warranty claim to our authorized representative listed on the Workorder or to your local servicing FiberGuard technician directly.

3. Any service necessary under this Limited Warranty will be performed by us, or our authorized representative after the original purchaser has promptly contacted us and arranged for access to the Stain within 5 days of discovery of Stain.


  • Stains caused by acids, wax, urine, dye, bleach, or other corrosives.
  • Materials which have been mishandled, neglected or abused.
  • Vinyl, plastic, metal, leather, wood, wallcovering, or decorative trim(s) or fringe.
  • Pre-existing stains, spots or soil (prior to the time of purchase).
  • Color loss due to non-colorfast materials.
  • Soiling from normal us or wear and tear.
  • Damage caused by cleaning agents or cleaning procedures not recommended by us.
  • Damage, Stains or soil from floods or fire.

This Limited Warranty is in lieu of all other warranties expressed or implied and no one is authorized to assume or undertake for us any other liability in connection with the sale of this product. FiberGuard shall not be liable for any consequential or indirect damages of whatever kind and shall be only required to clean the Stain(ed) area on FiberGuard (treated) and EarthAware covered carpet and fabric furnishings.