Drapery, Blind and Verticle Blind Service

The local drapery cleaning company that requires take down and rehanging of drapes, and may even handle the drapes for you, doesn’t mention that your drapes will get thrown into a vat of solvent with the soiled items of other customers to be tossed around resulting in YOUR drapes picking up what was on THEIR drapes!

Many times FiberGuard saw this phenomenon where recently “cleaned” drapes looked “greyed” or “dimmer” than they were and we found that problem could be eliminated by dry cleaning the drapes on-site while they hang with solvent cleaning technology that heats the solvent and then extracts the solvent and the soil leaving only the cleaned drapes.

Drapery Cleaning –

* Hot Low Moisture Injection/Extraction
* Dry/Solvent Injection/Extraction
* Dry Soil Vacuuming Only

We can employ fresheners and odor counteractants as we clean in this manner, allow our customers to keep their drapes just as they keep their furniture that needs dry cleaning in the home…which is another service our dry cleaning handles efficiently and cost effectively.

Three of the many keys to successfully cleaning in this manner are that a “virgin” or fresh solvent cleaning agent is required and the 

residents must be kept away while the cleaning and drying is being performed and the furnace fan that circulates air throughout the house must be turned off. Assuming the weather gets too cold in the winter for any extensive dry cleaning, the other three seasons are best for performing this service.

We can even clean woven woods or vertical blinds.