WHY use FiberGuard? WHO is FiberGuard?

In 1983 the founder had a company that installed fabric on walls and was researching the best way to protect his customers' new wallcoverings from damage from hand oils, food splatters and general soil. During his research for a Cleveland carpet cleaner to apply a fabric protector he discovered that fabric and carpet protectors had quick wear off issues and were sold mainly to protect the furniture or carpet retailer from service claims before the carpet or fabric were placed in the home.

Cleveland carpet cleaners and fabric cleaners did not have a product that could be safely applied to any fabric...or carpet for that matter either. Cleveland carpet cleaning companies, he found, were unwilling to offer advanced protection of carpet or fabric since that might slow the resoiling - and the need to reclean more often. So he started FiberGuard to not only protect carpet and fabric upholstery, but to make sure than the cleaning of carpet was performed with the right methods and detergents to prevent rapid resoiling.

Since then, FiberGuard has added the EarthAware Limited Warranty and created the www.HomeandHealthCleaning.com approach to cleaning all designed to help you get out those emergency spots and spills without having to pay for help from one of those other "Cleveland carpet cleaners" every time you spill something.

Recently and thoroughly cleaned (by other cleveland carpet cleaning companies) existing furnishings and carpets can be protected and fine wool and oriental rugs need cleaning and protection also, so FiberGuard also included cleaning services and put equipment and safe chemicals to provide those special services on their trucks and began cleaning drapes also.

Now, 30+ years later, FiberGuard has quietly and efficiently serviced thousands of customers, some of whom have had FiberGuard in their homes and businesses for more than 20 years, and some have used FiberGuard for carpet, area rug, drape and fabric cleaning, spots and spills and protecting their beautiful homes more than 75 times!

FiberGuard appreciates and thanks all of its past customers. 

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