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Carpet Service

Our Carpet  Cleaning Service begins with a thorough inspection that includes a detailed microscopic examination of the soil we find in samples of your carpet, furniture fabric, drapes and mattress.    Although all of the types of soils found in those four samples differ substantially, we feel that it is important to first determine WHAT is the predominant soil source before deciding on which method and chemistry to use.  We then optimize the Four Components of Cleaning, depending upon your preferences and our inspection and assessment.


We use a variety of carpet cleaning methods and also apply pre-sprays, we pre-vacuum and we apply protective finishes that we offer a Written Limited Warranty on for up to 2 years.  All of our cleaning methods are endorsed by the carpet manufacturers so that your carpet warranties will remain intact.  

The equipment we use is pictured above and the variety allows us to clean wall to wall and fine and fragile oriental or wool area rugs.   By combining methods, including an edge cleaning system not pictured, we can handle every type of cleaning need you have.   For example, a heavily soiled area rug may need to first be rotary shampooed with chemistry designed just for use on oriental rugs (which we carry) and then hot water extracted to remove all of the shampoo residue AND the gritty dry soil that is imbedded in the fibers...we come prepared to do it all.

Sometimes on a job site we have a very low pile synthetic berber that has little embedded dry soil (see our Dry Soil Testing) but has a lot of topical soiling so we use the low moisture rotary with a shampoo that is non-residual and designed for synthetic fibers.    This type of cleaning is also known as a "dry-chem" process and uses less than a third of the moisture that hot water extraction uses making it desireable for carpet than needs to dry quickly or for homes where our customers desire low moisture. 


For clients who have brown spots from improper cleaning or over-wetting in the past, we need to use an anti-browning cleaning that will clean AND neutralize past browning or yellowing.  This method is also very effective for white/wool or other light colored rugs, even synthetic rugs.  Reversible rugs such as dhurries or flat rugs we also usually clean using the methods described just above.  

We also keep all data related to carpet type, color, room location, spotting issues, warranty expiration, last date inspected and last date cleaned in Property Database just for you and customized for your home.   This gives us immediate information if you have an emergency, need advice or a quote or need us to come out for an emergency.

On occasion we have clients who only need a topical or low moisture spin cleaning....flat berbers or commercial carpets being the best example.   The number 3 method above is used in those instances.  When dry soil has become so heavy that regular vacuuming can't remove it effectively, we utilize what's known as a pile lifter (2) to first remove as much particulate matter as possible before beginning any cleaning process.

Cleaners that use only truck mounted hot water extraction aren't prepared for the challenges our customers face because they blend all their chemicals in one tank on the truck and use the same wand no matter what the circumstances are.